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The island's capital is Argostoli, a modern, vibrant city of 10,000 inhabitants. Unfortunately, due to the earthquake of 1953, the city lost its architectural wealth with the beautiful Venetian buildings. The city was rebuilt and today you will find many sights worth visiting, such as the Municipal Theatre "Kefalos", the Devossetou Bridge, the Lighthouse of St. Theodores, the Katavothres, and museums including the Korgialenio Historical and Folklore Museum and the Archaeological Museum, to include in your visit.
Assos Village
Is a picturesque seaside village. Assos with its Venetian castle of 15th century was the capital city of the northern side of the island. The village is built on a peninsula that joins the island by a narrow strip of land. The location and the steep slopes of the peninsula offered ideal conditions for the defense of the castle. Is located 58 km from Svoronata.

Fiskardo Village
One more picturesque village at the northern side of the island that it really worth to visit it. Almost all the houses is built with the traditional architecture technique of Kefalonia. Fiskardo owe its name to the Norman conqueror Robert Guiscard who conquered the area in 1085. Is located 65 km from Svoronata.

Kourkoumelata Village
A unique neoclassic settlement with elegant buildings with beautiful gardens, that is worth to visit it. Kourkoumelata entirely rebuilt after the devastating earthquake of 1953, according to neoclassical  urban planning and architecture. Today, Kourkoumelata is popular tourist attraction as it combines the nice views and idyllic location. It is 10 km from Argostoli and 3 km from Svoronata.

Melissani (Cave)
In a distance of 35 km away from Svoronata, and 2 km from Sami, on the eastern Kefalonia, is located the Melissani lake cave or Cave of the Nymphs. There you can have the unforgettable experience of touring the lake inside the cave by boat and enjoy the most beautiful shades of turquoise on its surface, as part of the cave roof has collapsed, allowing the sun light to enter its interior.

Myrtos Beach
The most well–known beach at Kefalonia and one of the best among the Greek beaches. Is located 30 km away from Argostoli and 36 km from Svoronata.
It is a fully organized beach where you can spend a whole day with all the amenities to enjoy and at the end to admire the beautiful sunset.

Petani is another famous beach of Kefalonia, in Paliki area, in the western part of the island, 15 km away from Lixouri and 42 km from Svoronata, with fine pebble and crystal clear turquoise waters. You will need to travel a snakelike road to reach Petani, but the beauty of the beach will make up to you for the trouble! On the beach, which is fully organized with umbrellas, bathing beds, showers, and you can also find taverns and cafes, you will have a pleasant and comfortable stay until the idyllic sunset, for which the beach is also known.
Makris Gialos & Platis Gialos
In the area of ​​Lassi, 6 km away from Svoronata, are located "for socializing" Platis Gialos (Long Beach) and "for families" Platis Gialos (Wide Beach), two of the most beautiful and popular beaches of Kefalonia, with fine, golden sand and crystal clear waters. The two beaches are separated by rocks and the access from one to the other is possible on foot or by swimming. The two beaches offer amenities such as umbrellas, bathing beds, beach-bars, water sports, and lifeguard.
Avithos beach
In a 4 km distance from Svoronata, you can swim in the quiet and beautiful Avithos beach, with fine golden sand, clear blue waters and a spectacular steep slope that ends in the beach. In Avithos, there are lifeguards, showers, toilets, a canteen, and in a short distance you will find restaurants and taverns. It is an ideal beach for children, as the waters are shallow and deepen smoothly, a feature which gave the beach its name.
Platis Gialos Beach: 5 km
Antisamos Beach: 37 km
Xi Beach: 48 km
Melissani Cave: 35 km
Drogarati Cave: 32 km
Castle of Saint George: 7 km
Kourkoumelata Village: 3 km
Ainos (or Enos) National Park: 36 km
Lagoon Koutavos: 9 km
Sink Holes (Katavothres): 11 km
Archaeological Museum of Argostoli: 9 km
Korgialenio History and Folklore: 9 km
Fiscardo Village: 65 km
Assos Village: 58 km
Museum (Argostoli): 9 km
Fanari Lighthouse (St. Theodore): 11 km
Garden of Napier: 9 km
Bridge of Devoseto: 9 km
Saint Gerasimos Monastery: 15 km
Myrtos Beach: 36 km